Nivlheim - freezing mist and darkness

I'm Ronja, Norwegian, going to university in the UK.

I like anything to do with vikings and Norse Mythology, nature, art, aesthetics, tradition, cooking, cleaning, style and games.

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Avdalen Gard (= farm) y1598 by Atle Rønningen on Flickr.

I honestly feel sick to my stomach about the hypocrisy of some (radical) feminists, particularly here on tumblr. Feminism is meant to be activism for equality, right? How is it then fine to demonize the male gender as if they are all the same kind? How is it OK to reduce the male gender to one stereotype?

When someone talk about a girl beating up men as something great, try to flip that around and imagine what kind of reactions that would get.


Ghosts on the Lake (by .monodrift)